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Our Wishlist

Many of our supporters have requested a 'Wishlist' of items that they can purchase in order to support the charity in carrying out its vital work. So, we have put together a list of items we are currently in need of, to aid us in helping the many sick, injured and orphaned animals and birds currently in our care at our wildlife rescue centre.

Please send all Wishlist items to the postal address below: 

Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue
33 Courtenay Road


Food Items for our insect-eating baby birds

Untitled design (10).png

We feed our juvenile songbirds on a base formula mix we make up here at our centre. However, when their pin feathers start to come through, we start to wean them off the formula by feeding insects every alternate feed. The insects provide vital vitamins and also teach the youngsters how to forage for food for themselves. 

We (and our baby birds) would be extremely grateful for a tub or two of waxworms or any of the other food items listed below:  


Our first juvenile blackbird of 2024 arrived to us during the first week of February

Photograph ©️ Waclawek


Cleaning Items and PPE

L.Waclawek (3).png

We are currently in need for some cleaning and PPE items for our wildlife rescue centre. By keeping a high level of hygiene, we can ensure that the facilities remain sterile and help prevent the spread of infection and disease.

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