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OWR Wildlife Ambulance Service

About our Wildlife Ambulance 

Our wildlife ambulance service is always on call. Its primary use is for the rescue operations and transportation of severely compromised wildlife such as :

  • Deer 

  • Foxes

  • Badgers

  • Large Birds (Swans, Herons, Red Kites etc)

  • Otters 

The ambulance itself is sponsored by Si Pumps Ltd.

However the day to day operations the ambulance is deployed in is entirely funded by the charities supporters/ followers.

badger rescue.jpg

Deer Rescue Unit

One of the main staples for the ambulance is the rescue and transportation of sick, injured and orphaned deer.

We hold a specialised team of wildlife medics who are experienced in working with all British species of deer found in Oxfordshire and Berkshire. 

Deer can be extremely dangerous animals, this is due to their nervous disposition  and unpredictable behaviours. If you do find a deer who is injured, please call our 24hr- wildlife helpline for assistance. 

Our medics work closely with the Thames Valley Road traffic Police as well as other recognised organisations.


Injured Deer Euthanasia Policy 

Sadly, there are occasions where the possibility of a full recovery in injured deer cannot be achieved. Due to the anatomy of deer, injuries can be  presented in such a way that even medical treatment would cause further and more immense suffering and pain. 

Therefor, our wildlife medics have all received extensive training for the immediate humane dispatch of injured deer when out in the field. Should the patient be deemed a lost cause with no reasonable grounds for a predicted future. Then it is by far the kindest option that our medics do dispatch the deer in situ immediately. Please note, that this is only done with the upmost respect towards these animals and nobody in their right minds take any enjoyment out of doing so.  Please respect the experience of our medics, we hold a zero tolerance for abuse towards both animals and our staff.

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