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OWR 5- Year Plan

CEO - Luke Waclawek 

Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue  - Charity No.1194050


Over the next five years, I truly believe that OWR will begin to look very different to what it is today.  With the annual admissions being counted, we are seeing more and more wild animals needing our help every year, which raises the question of why do we think this is happening.

My theory is that it's a combination of environmental factors and the publicity of OWR itself. The more people that hear about our work, then naturally the more our services towards wildlife will be utilised. Therefore, as the charity's appointed CEO, it is my duty to set out a plan of action, to steer the charity over the next five years, enabling the growth of the charity and the demands of the public to be met and fulfilled. 

OWR 2023 - 2024

Volunteer Base

The main objective for the remainder of this year is to build upon our volunteer base. 
Given that our volunteers are indeed the 'lifeline' of this charity, for whom without them we wouldn't be able to function. Ideally, with the patient admission count, facilities and our operations, OWR should look to seek a further 100 volunteers by the end of 2023. This number in my opinion should help with the following 

The casualty centre, 

Fundraising events

Charity operations logistics

OWR admin/ office team

The charity should look to recruit volunteers through the use of our social media, our new website, out in the field of fundraising and through engagements at the casualty centre itself. 

£1 For Wildlife Campaign 

The other objective, is to promote the campaign "£1 For wildlife". This campaign is designed to build upon our monthly donations base. Which funds the day to day running of the charities operations. Given that the charity accounts have shown that were just making ends meet, we really need to engage with the charity supporters in order to raise the profile and the much needed income so that the charity can not only continue its work but also build upon its services and facilities. 

The target set is £11,000 extra per month. This figure is based on the number of social media followers and reflects a realistic enough figure that would help OWR grow to where it needs to be.

The charity should look to promote this campaign through its social media presence, btu also through leaflets given to members of the public when an animal is either collected and dropped off at the casualty centre . 

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