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Wildlife Rescue & First Aid Online Class 2023 (20th Oct)

Join wildlife rescuer and rehabilitator 'Luke Waclawek' for an intimate classroom on the subject of Rescue & First Aid of sick, injured and orphaned British wildlife. 

If you've ever wanted to see how wildlife rescue is carried out but also why, when and what's involved. Then this may be the event for you ! 

This online class is part 1/ 3   -  (Rescue)

Which includes:

  • Ethical & Legal Considerations

  • Health & Safety

  • Key  Species  -Specific Legislation

  • When to Rescue

  • PPE

  • Zoonoses

  • Equipment Overview

  • Capture Techniques 

  • Handling Techniques

  • Transport Techniques

  • Biosecurity Measures

  • Invasive Species

  • Scheduled Species

  • Referral to Rehabilitate or Euthanasia 

  • Deer case studies

"To rescue a sick or injured wild animal is not only a skill, but it's also an art!

Quick decisions must be made, and safety considered for both the animal and

Get it right, and you'll be rewarded with a feeling like no other."

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Bookings / Availability

22/10/2023  |      6  Spaces Left           

26/11/2023  |    17  Spaces Left           

17/12/2023  |    22  Spaces Left           

How it works

Upon confirmation of your purchase, you will receive a link and an email key code for the online classroom. 

Each class is restricted to just 30 people. Meaning the webinar is much more personal and tailored to meet individuals questions and help throughout the class. 

The class involves a presentation of slides delivered live by Luke,  instructional videos and case studies.


At the end of the webinar, you will receive a PDF manual covering all the aspects of what the class covered for later reference. 


All proceeds from these talks and presentations are being donated to the charity. Luke is not profiting personally from any of the talks advertised or delivered on behalf of the charity.  


All of the content involved is from and taken from case studies from OWR only.  

19/01/2024  |  30\ 30 spaces Left           

18/02/2024  |  30\ 30 spaces Left           

2024 DATES

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