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Wildlife Matters Campaign

We have now launched our brand new campaign 'Wildlife Matters'

in response to the devasting numbers and statistics, we have found and documented regarding the current situation and devasting scenario our precious and important wildlife now faces.

It's now become clear to us here, that if we do not act now, many species, habitats, and ecosystems found here in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and the rest of the UK, face inevitable extinction.

How long have we got, 

 Until the damage is beyond repair? 

The Answer: 2025 -2030

Our data and statistics, along with other organizations, paint a very bleak picture of wildlife & Natures' existence here in the UK.

We now know, that if drastic action isn't taken here in the UK, we will be witness to a mass extinction of a variety of species by the year 2030.

Species including :

Natter Jack Toads

Turtle Doves


Basking Sharks

Small tortoiseshell butterflies

Red Squirrels


Each one of the above is just as important as the rest. They all have a vital part to play in an ecosystem. If we lose them from the environment, it will start a chain reaction. A chain reaction so deadly, that it will very quickly spiral out of our control. 



How does this affect me? 

 Surely its not my problem? 

We are serious when we say the following statement.

"If our natural world disappears or becomes uninhabitable ... Life will cease to exist. That goes for us too."

As much as we as a species try to detach ourselves from nature and the natural world, we need to understand and come to terms with the very simple fact, that WE are a part of this system. whether we like it or not.
Without wildlife, without nature, we simply couldn't exist. Our world and the way in which we have been able to develop and grow our societies, cultures, economics, and the lives we have created for ourselves, wouldn't have been made possible if it hadn't been for nature. We need wildlife in order to exist as a species here on earth.

Your life, My life, our children's lives are very much at risk of changing forever.


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