Sponsor 'Lucky' The Duck

This poor duck has been subject to yet again another case of sheer cruelty, towards our wildlife. Found to be completely weak by a member of the public, he was referred to one of our vets.

We managed to x-ray him and to our disappointment found 5 gunshot pellets embedded in him. We've managed to get him drinking and do some standing today, but the road to recovery may well be a little longer than usual if he's suffered any major nerve damage. 

We will never understand why anyone would want to shoot an animal for fun. Lucky is very LUCKY to be alive and we will do all we can to make sure he is comfortable and recovery is as quick as possible.

By sponsoring Lucky, you will be helping us with the costs of care and the rehabilitation process in order to make sure he can go back to the wild. 

In return, we will send you


 An adoption certificate

A5 signed picture of Lucky

Regular Updates regarding Lucky's progress (via Email)

A fridge magnet with a picture of Lucky


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