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A few years ago, Luke and Ruth found an injured Pigeon in the town of Abingdon that needed help. When they took the pigeon to a vet, little was known as to what could be done for him.  So Luke and Ruth took 'Percy' the pigeon home and nursed him back to health under the guidance of a vet. based out in Swindon. One pigeon soon turned into a few more, then vets started calling up to see if they would try their hands at nursing some baby hedgehogs, or an owl, or even a fox. Word soon spread about what they had going on in their suburban house in Didcot, and both Luke & Ruth quickly recognized a need for dedicated wildlife rescue in Oxfordshire. They started fundraising to build a wildlife hospital. Oxfordshire wildlife rescue was born, and in 2021 it became a registered charity. 

Now we are here in 2022, we have a devoted 24-hour wildlife ambulance service, premises that saw over 4500 animals in 2021 needing help and we are the only rescue that has a dedicated Deer rescue team for both south Oxfordshire and Berkshire.  We have outlined some of our mainstream services, which we provide to the public Free of Charge. 

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24 Hour Wildlife
Rescue Service

From Hedgehogs stuck down drains, Cygnets having lost their mum that needs reuniting, through to adult Fallow deer stuck in stock fencing. Owr has attended many, many wildlife rescue call-outs over the years. 

The rescue team is fully equipped and highly trained for any call out for a wild animal that needs our help.


Orphaned Birds

Baby birds require both the knowledge and facilities in order to hand rear them properly. At our hospital, we have an entire room dedicated to our 'bird nursery' as we have, for a number of years now, helped well over 500 orphaned birds annually.

We take in all species of orphaned birds from Ducklings, Sparrows, Raptors, and Owls.


Trauma / First Aid

We work with over 30 individual veterinary practices. Each one provides a valuable service to us and some have specialist vets and facilities to help us in the most complex scenarios.

We do not believe in permanent captivity for wild animals. To them it's imprisonment. 

So we make every effort to ensure our patients can return back to the wild. Our motto is Every-Patient-Matters and we will go through every other option before considering euthanization.

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